Five10Twelve’s intervention at the Preliminary Meeting of the Manston Development Consent Order Examination ensured that the Examining Authority would include climate change as a Principal Issue during its six month examination of proposals to develop a new air cargo hub at the site of the former Manston airfield. Four of our submissions were specifically referred to by the Secretary of State for Transport’s request for comments and further information in his consultation of 17 January 2020.

Five10Twelve has worked with the Environmental Law Foundation in a number of ways. We were key speakers at Workshop on Manston Airport Development Consent Order Examination – Do’s and Don’ts at ELF Community Event – Regional Airport Expansion and How Communities Can Respond, we wrote the initial draft of the ELF Blog Piece titled HIDING IN PLANE SIGHT – MANSTON: THE AIRPORT EXPANSION STORY NO-ONE IS TALKING ABOUT … AND WHY, PERHAPS, THEY SHOULD and we are working on the first draft of a Campaigner’s Guide to the Development Consent Order Process on behalf of the Aviation Environment Federation.